Tuesday, January 10, 2012

** Merry Christmas To Me ***

I know it's over ~ but not for me just yet!

My mother in law always gives me money for Christmas.
So I try to get something with it that I have had my eye on so that way I will remember what I spent it on & I will have it for always. 


This year I found this Vintage Framed Print ~ Yard (36") of  Roses.


I found it at a Flea Market in Branson, Mo.

I asked about it then but didn't buy it at that time due to needing to make sure I took care of everybody else's Christmas first.
It's a Mom Thing !!!!

The frame is Shabby Vintage Chic

I like that it has all different colored Roses
Yellow, Red, Pink & Peach 



Just fit!!!! :)

I LoVe iT !

The Bed was made by my Husband
I'm not complaining!!!!!


Today  I went on line to see if I could find one like it & YES there it was on ebay!!!! 

The frame is a little different & the price was a Buy it Now ... 
Needless to say I got a GREAT deal on mine!

I also found this one on line but I'm not sure that the print is vintage.
The frame looks old & I love that shabby look.

Until next time ....

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Glenda,
    I absolutely love your website! It is you...so sweet, so 'down to earth', so ambitious & busy,
    a real girly girl....old-fashioned & feminine.
    My four girls have very similar tastes...they all love decorating and creating things, too.
    I love it! Thanks for this treat! ~Angie :)

  2. Love your website. And love the pictures of your house.! Jan