Saturday, September 29, 2012

~ ! ~ My New Found Treasures ~ ! ~

More New Found Treasures
 Our trip to West Jefferson, NC.

I could have bought so much more but I was limited on trunk space.

Love the Coffee Cup

Old Tobacco Jar
White Milk Glass Jar

It's Old & It's White
 it goes with a wash bowl & pitcher
I'm just not sure what it is called or what it was used for ???

Just a couple garden hose nozzles for my yard / deck decor.

I found this Wonderful Vintage Pitcher
I think it will look GREAT at Christmas Time with
Greens, Berries &  Pine cones.  

The backside is Pretty too!

Sweet Child Size Chair
I have plans for this little chair !
But that will be another Blog post!  

Vintage Child's play Iron & Toy size Wheelbarrow

Handmade Vintage Wooden Field Desk 

It has some carving on the front-side of the lid.

I think it is from the Civil War Days.


This information was placed inside it.
Tells a little bit about a similar one like it.

Giant Pizza Pan
Green & Cream Enamel Bowl
Crock Bowl
 My Decor Acorns look Great inside!

I Found this Oil Lamp
Vintage Cookie Jar
A Small Clear Glass Cloche
Filled with small Wooden Clothespins


  1. LOVELY! I especially LOVE the field desk. And, by the way, if we can EVER make connections, I have something for you!