Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Back From ~ My Treasure Hunt

 I  Love A Good Treasure Hunt

I didn't think this one was all that GREAT but after getting home & cleaning it all up & putting it all together
 I decided it wasn't that bad after all. 

I drove by this sign on my way to find my treasures.

Possum Trot, Arkansas

I just had to STOP & take this Picture!
One day I plan to take a detour & see just what is down this dirt road.

OK ~ back to my New / Old Found Treasures!

A little bit of everything this time from Christmas items to Halloween & more.

Blues, Yellows & Reds !

Not much Pink in here ?

I Love The Red Toy Wheel Barrow!

Copper Tea Pot Lamp
Old Egg Crate
Halloween Lights

The Egg Crate was a Great find at a Great Price !

This Copper Lamp was a Steal !!!!

3 sets of orange lights ~ I use these in my fireplace to resemble fire flames. 

Like New Red Checked Table Cloth
Old Picnic Basket

I got the Blues !

Blue Transfer-ware Bowl
Blue Creamer
Blue Shoe Thingys
Blue Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers

Love Birds

Bling ~ Bling !

Candle Lid with a Tassel
1 Pear
 I set of Green Tapers.

Vintage Glass Candle Sticks

Little Old Red Wire Basket

Vintage Red Beads

Teaspoon with Red Handle
Little White Milk Glass Cup with Red Toile Print on It 

Yellow Oven Serve Covered Dish
Black Wall Mount Mail Box with a Fleur De Lis

Hand Embroider Butterfly Quilt Block

 Shabby Chic Floral Queen Size Dust Ruffle
 Sage Green & Pink  
Plus a few Spring Colored Silks.

White Pitcher with  Large Tassel

I Love White & I Love Pitchers!

This Smaller Pitcher has a Boo Boo on the handle ... 
 but I have a plan on how to fix it.

Handmade Dollies & Etc.

Sunflowers & Peach Colored Lily's

Note Card / Picture Holders.

Vintage Platter with the old Crazing on it.
 I love that look!

Metal Cross Necklace

Merry Christmas !

Santa Pillow
Sparkle Candle
Green Holly Leaf Dish with A Red Cardinal

My Favorite Treasure of them all is ... 
My Little Vintage Red Toy Wheel Barrow.


Well Thats All Folks !

Until My Next Treasure Hunt !


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  1. Wow ! You got a lot of stuff ! I like that Wheel Barrow too , and those embroidered napkins . You found great stuff .