Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Loving Shabby French Country

Just Finished

When I bought this French nightstand
I have it say it was in sad shape.

I cleaned, taped, painted, sanded, stained, hammered, & screwed! 

First I painted it white then sanded & then stained to get the look I was going for.

The top drawer runners weren't in the best shaped but after a little thought
planning I fixed it so now it will work just fine.

The bottom draw runners were past fixing so I opted to just not try
 do something a little different.

before paint

after paint

+++ Next +++

I applied some toile wallpaper.

The front of the tabletop was curved & scalloped
I took a piece of blue chalk
rubbed it around the edge.

That worked GREAT!!! 

It's getting close to done ...

I didn't touch the Gold painted trim ... I love the old Patina look!

I also lined the top drawer with the toile paper.

Then we ( my sweet hubby) cut a new floor bottom for the place the bottom drawer would have been.
I then papered it too!

I went to work on the legs next.

I Love the Legs!

Just a touch of black & a little stain.

+++ Next +++

Time to get the sewing machine out
 make a small curtain.
I used a remnant of french toile printed fabric.

Finished and on it's way to Arkansas.
It's for Sale 
The Magpie 
 Clarksville, Ar.

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  1. I just love it. So sweet! Jana :)