Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just like my "Momma" used to make

Pan Fried Chicken

I have been craving some "Southern Fried Chicken" like my Mother used to make.
The kind where you buy the chicken & cut it up yourself like we used to do way back when!!!


Sad thing is that most cooks nowadays don't know how to cut up their own chicken.
Nor do they want too!

I cut it up then ~ Salt & Pepper & Flour then I fried it in Crisco.
I know that most people use "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" these days but I remember when
 Mom used Crisco & that was good enough back then !
Made it Extra Crispy!

Golden Brown

It's WAY better than KFC!!!

Sorry ~ Colonel Sanders

Seam rising smells so GOOD !!!

Then you've just Got to make Gravy out of the Crispy Crunchy Drippings ~ Right?

Creamy Chicken Gravy to put on top of your Mashed Potatoes !

Just like I remember ... Yummy!!!

Fried Chicken ~ my favorite piece was the Breast / Pulley Bone !
 Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Corn, Cottage Cheese & Picked Beats! 

Ya just can't beat it ~ Deli-sh !


The Wish Bone / Pulley Bone

I remember when we kids were finished eating. 
We would fight over who would get to brake it & make a wish.

Two people pull on the bone; the person with the larger piece of bone after it breaks in two is said to get his or her wish.

Great Memory's

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